Pre-Payment Card Meter


The MP22 RFID is a new Pre-payment card electricity meter. This is the only MID certified card pre-payment meter available in today’s market. Using RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification), the credit from the pre-payment cards are transferred without the requirement to insert the card. This is a modern and ideal solution for Caravan Parks, Marinas and Rental Property.The cards for this meter are re-usable and for small users (50 or less) we can recharge the cards at a small fee. For large users (50+) we can supply the Desktop Charger and software to allow you to recharge your own cards. 


  • ·         Pre-Payment Functionality
  •            MID B+D certified
  • ·         2 Rate Tariff Option
  • ·         Friendly Non-Disconnect Times
  • ·         Emergency Credit Function
  • ·         Standing Charge Option
  • ·         Debt Recovery Option
  • ·         Optional ‘Timer Mode’
  •           Unique Card Codes to Prevent Fraud
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EMLite MP22 MP22 RFID EML-P Pre Payment Card Operated Meter MP22 RFID Data Sheet
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Product MP22
Part Number MP22 RFID
Description EML-P Pre Payment Card Operated Meter
Specification Sheet MP22 RFID Data Sheet
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