Mafteen Estate, Newcastle

Grade II Listed Village receives Class II approved meters.

Matfen Estates is a traditional agricultural estate surrounding Matfen Hall and the estate village of Matfen. The estate comprises a mixed portfolio of 61 rented residential properties, a small number of commercial lets, nine tenanted farming businesses, and commercial and amenity woodland. In recent years, Matfen Hall, the original seat of the Blackett family, now plays host to a four-star Country House Hotel, Spa and golf course.

UK Metering were tasked with finding a solution to allow the dwellings at this historic rural location to monitor energy usage by means of a heat meter, each of which could then be read from one central location on-site. Due to the antiquated nature of the buildings' construction, a wireless system was unfeasible at Matfen, the solution devised was therefore a wired M-Bus system. The M-Bus cabling was run from each dwelling to a central location where all meter readings could be downloaded through the selected M-Bus master.

Following this, UK Metering commissioned each meter to ensure all elements were installed and set-up correctly to achieve optimum accuracy and allow their usage for billing purposes. The M-Bus master was then configured with the relevant information for each dwelling                                                                                                

The biomass boilers and subsequent metering presen at Matfeen will lead to a ten thousand pound reduction in the fuel costs for the village, as well as generating them in excess of Twenty Thousand Pound per year from the Renewable Heat Incentive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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