UBS Bank, London 



5 Broadgate is the new headquarters for the world renowned bank UBS. This unique design allows a fantastic workspace that currently houses 6,000 people and features four different trading floors. For a world renowned investment bank this spacial capability is very much required in todays 24/7 economy. This fantastic design has created a brand new feel to the surround area and has reinvigorated new pedestrian routes and green spaces. Along with the other fascinating projects, 5 Broadgate brings an exciting architectural era for the Broadgate area. 

Uk Metering were consulted right at the beginning of the project and our expertise were called upon to deliver one of our most exciting and prestigious projects. The Kamstrup Multical 602 was selected as our meter of choice as it is the first Ultrasonic meter on the market to be able to deliver Modbus capability. 

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