As the UK stockist, UK Metering are proud to introduce the brand new MULTICAL® 603 as the newest member in the Kamstrup family.

Quality, flexibility and scalability are key to ensuring that the metering solution you choose today also provides you with the right tools for the demands of the future.

Kamstrup has developed a complete meter platform that gives you the ultimate flexibility. The shared MULTICAL® platform for 403 and 603 heat, cooling and combined heat/cooling meters allows you to easily upgrade rather than replace your meters as new possibilities and challenges occur. These upgrades can be done without interfering with legal registers and with no or minimal impact on meter readings and network management.

The modularity of the MULTICAL® platform means that you are able to seamlessly add or switch communication modules to match your communication demands. The built-in two-way communication allows software download to either meter or communication module as well as remote configuration of meter and module. Furthermore, it is possible to read out the data logger without direct access to the installation.

In this way, you can effectively future-proof across your Kamstrup solution. 


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