Are you selecting an MID approved heat meter?

Our expert sales team are seeing more and more non-Measuring Instruments Directive approved meters being selected and approved by customers and consultants throughout the UK, often sold by companies using meter accuracy jargon to disguise cheaper non-MID approved products and confuse customers.

Heat meters are required to meet accuracy standards set out in the Measuring Instruments Directive (2004/22/EC, superseded by 2014/32/EU). This directive sets out standards for measuring instruments including water meters, gas meters, electricity meters and heat meters. The relevant metering annexes of the directive are shown below:

  • MI-001 = Water Meters
  • MI-002 = Gas Meters and Volume Conversion Devices
  • MI-003 = Electricity Meters
  • MI-004 = Heat Meters

A heat meter is made up of a flow part, calculator and temperature sensors. To qualify as an MID approved heat meter, all parts of the heat meter assembly must be approved to MI-004.

Some ultrasonic heat meters such as the Kamstrup Multical 403 are classed as combined flow parts and calculators with temperature sensors therefore covered by 1 MI-004 MID certificate for the flow part and calculator and 1 MI-004 MID certificate for the temperature sensors.

Other ultrasonic heat meters such as the Kamstrup Multical 603 with Ultraflow 54 are classed as separate flow parts, calculators and temperature sensors therefore covered by 3 different MI-004 MID certificates.

Where an energy calculator is used with a mechanical flow part, an MI-004 certificate is required for the calculator, temperature sensors and mechanical flow part.

If in doubt, always ask to see the MID approval certificates and look out for MI-004 on all components.

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