Introducing the new Kamstrup MULTICAL 803

In March 2019 we were pleased to welcome 4 Kamstrup product managers who spent the day with the UK Metering team introducing the latest addition to their product range, the new Kamstrup MULTICAL® 803. Supported by the UK Country Manager, the Denmark based product specialists delivered structured training sessions on the MULTICAL® 803, new communication modules (including a 2G/4G module) and general meter reading solutions including READy and USB Meter Reader.

MULTICAL® 803 for heating and cooling is an all-in-one solution that meets the high requirements for advanced industrial and commercial measurement.

An accurate, stable energy calculator with long life and multiple communication and remote reading functions.
The energy calculator can be read remotely using a wide variety of communication protocols. With the possibility to utilise up to four of Kamstrup’s generation 3 modules, the MULTICAL® 803 provides more flexibility and versatility than ever before. 

In addition, the meter is IP65-approved and resistant to dust and moisture, reducing the negative impact from harsh environments and thus opening up for an even wider range of possible applications. 


Save valuable resources
With automatic detection of the connected temperature sensors and the meter factor of the connected ULTRAFLOW®, it is only necessary to have one calculator in stock – the Kamstrup MULTICAL® 803.

The robustness and flexibility serve the purpose to minimize the resources spent on revisits due to break-downs, lack of data available or inaccuracies during the entire life cycle of this high-end energy calculator.

MULTICAL® 803. Packed with intelligent features.

If you require further information about the MULTICAL® 803 or any other Kamstrup metering solution, please contact the UK Channel Partner, UK Metering.

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