Relay Pulse to Wireless M-Bus Converter PadPuls M2W

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The PadPuls M2W is a 2-channel pulse to Wireless M-Bus adaptor. The battery driven PadPuls M2W sends the data according to the OMS standard.

  • Wireless M-Bus according to standard EN 13757-4 Mode S, T and C
  • OMS conform and compatible (Spec 4.X.X)
  • Optional encryption Mode 5 or 7, AES
  • Two seperated pulse inputs (for reed contacts, optocouplers,...)
  • Save detection of up to 18 pulses per second on both inputs
  • Debouncing
  • Free adjustable pulse value
  • Free choice of units (e.g. Wh, kWh, MWh, kJ, m3,  l,...)
  • Configuration via USB-converter cable (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Transmission interval adjustable between 10 seconds and 2 hours
  • Battery supplied
  • Battery lifetime about 14 years at 15min transmitting
  • Wall mounted

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