SDM630 Electricity Meter

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• Three Phase 100A Direct Fed
• MID B+D Certified
• UL Registered
• Accuracy Class 0.5 (Active Energy)
• Bi-directional Measurement for kW and kWh
• Configurable Pulsed output (Import/ Export / Nett kWh)
• Modbus (SDM630 Modbus) or Mbus (SDM630 Mbus)
• Multi Parameter measurement
• Multi-Tariff

The SDM630 series is an advanced multifunction three-phase energy monitoring solution with optional outputs such as Pulsed, RS485 RTU Modbus and Mbus. Equipped with configuration and display buttons for ease of navigation through the various parameters and settings. Housed for DIN rail mounting, IP51 protection and direct connection up to 100A.

Selectable measurement modes using our free configurations software for kWh display,
Total kWh (Import + Export), Import kWh and Net kWh (Export - Import) Certified in the UK according to EU Directive 2014/32/EU. MID Certificate number 0120 / SGS0151

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