Relay RelAir R2M Wireless M-Bus to Wired M-Bus Gateway

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Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus gateway for up to 60 meters.

  • Wireless M-Bus according to EN 13757-4 Mode S, T und C
  • Frequency 868 MHz
  • OMS conform and compatible (Spec 4.X.X)
  • Supports M-Bus application layer acc. to EN13757-3, not DLMS / SML
  • Optional encryption Mode 5 or 7, AES
  • Power supply via M-Bus (6 unit loads) or USB
  • Whitelist with up to 63 meters configurable
  • Configuration with free Software via M-Bus or USB
  • Internal antenna, optional external antenne (only ProX-Version)
  • 2 housing variations Home, Professional

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