SDM120 Electricity Meter

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  • 45A Single phase direct connected or CT Connected
  • MID Certified (B and D)
  • Bi-directional measurment for kW and kWh
  • Configurable pulsed output (Inport, Export, Nett kWh)
  • RS485 Modbus or M-bus variants available
  • Multi parameter measurements
  • Simple set up and operation

The SDM120 offers a low-cost solution to metering low Amp circuits (45A). The SDM120 range works directly connected to a maximum load 45A AC circuit.

The SDM120 Modbus measures a vast range of parameters, including Voltage, Current and Power Factor.

There are also 3 models available depending on the output required, this ranges from a just pulsed output (SDM120-Pulse), Modbus RTU (SDM120-Modbus), and M-Bus (SDM120-MBus). All SDM120 meters are housed in a 1 Module DIN rail-mounted housing. They also come complete with sealable terminal covers to stop any tampering with the connections.

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