Water Leak Detection

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The WLDS panel monitors the flow of water into a building and raises an alarm and optionally shuts off the supply should the flow rate exceed preset parameters, in accordance with BREEAM Wat 3. These parameters can be adjusted by the user to allow for different conditions.

Designed to detect major leaks and help prevent flood damage caused by leaking pipes and fittings or by vandalism. The WLDS-10 Mk3 panel is connected to a pulse water meter installed at the site boundary or main intake point of the building and hence monitors the consumption of water.

An alarm output is activated when a continuous flow of water passes through the water meter at a flow rate above a preset maximum for a preset period of time. A normally open free contact is provided for connection to a BMS (Building Management System) or to activate a local beacon/sounder type alarm. Available as an optional extra product code SB-100. A programmable free contact is also provided to shut off the water supply via Normally Open or Normally Closed solenoid shut off valve if required. The WDLS-20 Mk3 has pulse water meters installed at the site boundary and at the main intake and in addition can detect a loss of water between the site boundary and the main intake point.

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